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A new Task Force to identify protein transition challenges

A new Task Force to identify protein transition challengesThe Protein Task Force is a new Working Group created under the SCAR umbrella. It aims to identify the major hurdles and opportunities to the protein transition and sovereignty in Europe from the R&I perspective. The working group formally began operating in September 2022 and currently brings together 30 members from 10 countries. The Task Force was established following discussions at the Conference in 2022 and the decision of the SCAR Plenary.

The Task Force approaches the protein sources in the protein agri-food system from an integrated and systemic perspective, following the priorities set by the European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals. The taskforce will look at the sustainability of both agricultural systems and diets. The focus will initially be on plant-based proteins, their value chains and their diversification potential. Future inclusion of other protein sources is possible.

The SCAR Protein Task Force aims to

  • analyse the current scenarios for the production and consumption of proteins in Europe
  • identify the technical barriers and drivers for the transition towards consumers’ acceptability, diet evolution, nutritional quality and market penetration
  • provide advice and support to the EC, by reviewing the state-of-the-art in R&I and by identifying research gaps and needs

Given the cross-cutting nature of the protein issue, the SCAR Protein Task Force will interact closely with other SCAR SWGs and CWGs, to integrate, harmonise, complement and extend their activity in the scope of proteins whenever relevant.