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Mission and aims





  • Sascha Bollerman
  • Alexandros Theodoridis


01/01/2020 - 31/12/2022 


23 countries + EC and key advisors

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Overview members SCAR BSW – update March 2022


Mission of the SCAR BSW

Increase the added value for and of the bioeconomy by:

  • Knowledge creation & sharing
  • Translating science to policy
  • Networking & collaboration



  • Creating a platform for MS, AC and the EC where they can exchange, discuss and learn from each other on regional/national/EU-wide activities, strategies and their implementation in different action areas.
  • Delivering recommendations and strategic advice based on MS/AC needs and key areas of interest to support the EC and MS/AS in designing and implementing bioeconomy strategies and thematically relevant policies.
  • Providing advice on R&I in the bioeconomy domain to support SCAR, the EU and MS.


Planned activities

  • Analyse bioeconomy-related topics in the Horizon Europe Cluster 6 work programme2021/22 and EU Missions’ work programmes (esp. soil and oceans): lessons learnt and recommendations for development of further Cluster 6 WPs.
  • Develop and propose R&D actions to advance the climate targets and increase the added value in bioeconomy value chains.



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