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Event Report Climate Change Forest Systems 05 06 2018

Climate changes and related extreme events, increasingly affect forests and their associated ecological, sociological and economic systems  requiring pro-active adaptation measures for maintaining their sustainability. In parallel, the mitigation potentials of forests and forestry wood chains are progressively included in the international climate regime following the Paris agreement. Increased knowledge and better understanding of interactions between climate and forest systems will be crucial in the future for supporting innovations and actions to combat climate change and to reach some of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets. In this global context, COST (European Cooperation in Science and...

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development




The presentations of the SCAR National meeting in Poland, taken place in14 November 2018 - Warsaw, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, are now available...

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The Cofund ERA-NET SusAn is preparing a joint call for research proposals, together with the ERA-NETs ‘FACCE ERA-GAS’ (“Greenhouse gas mitigation”) and ‘ICT Agri2’ (“ICT and robotics”). Launch of the call: October 2018.

See the pre-announcement of the call at:

Final Report study ERA NET and COST

SCAR Forest has released a report on impact assessment of past and existing ERA-Nets and COST Actions within and related to the European forest-based sector. Its findings contribute to the scope and role of the SCAR strategic group for forests and forestry research and innovation (R&I).


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(Report available in "Strategic...

sala Cavour Mipaaf




The presentations of the SCAR National meeting in Italy, taken place in 29 May 2018 - Rome, Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) are now available...

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