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AHW news item

SCAR Animal Health and Welfare CWG has published a report that analyses the EU Bioeconomy Strategy and FOOD2030 strategy, focussing on the aspects of livestock health and welfare. The SCAR AHW CWG applauds the strategies as key instruments to overcome the challenges Europe is facing to nourish a growing population and to steer it through climate change. Both strategies will help transform Europe’s ways to produce, process and consume food into more sustainable and resilient food systems.

However, the SCAR AHW CWG believes the strategies could improve their focus both on the role of livestock, as well as on health and welfare. The Working Group’s analysis emphasises:

  • The role livestock production plays in providing highly nutritional...

SCAR SAP CWG – Further contributing to livestock farming in Europe

The SCAR Sustainable Animal Production CWG started its new mandate on 1 January 2023. The mandate will last for two years and will focus on the common picture of future livestock farming in Europe.

To further contribute to this topic, the Working Group is currently in the process of organising its second workshop, which will be hosted by the...

The Agroecology Partnership’s SRIA

The overall purpose of this Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) is to define the general framework for strategic research and innovation activities to be undertaken under the future partnership “Accelerating Farming Systems Transition: Agroecology Living Labs and Research Infrastructures’’ (“the Agroecology Partnership”). The...

Cluster 6

Horizon Europe is the largest source of public funding for research and innovation from the European Commission. It has a total budget of € 95.5 billion for 2021-2027, of which around € 9 billion is foreseen for Cluster 6 on Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment. Around € 897 million is dedicated to the Cluster 6 calls...

FS – The Food Systems Working Group would like your expertise!

The SCAR Food Systems Strategic Working Group (SCAR FS SWG) has developed a second draft of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the future partnership Sustainable Partnership for People, Planet and Climate. The new draft takes into account input from the FS SWG members and relevant stakeholders.  

Next, the Working...

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Earlier this year, the European Commission asked all EU Member States, Associated Countries and Candidate Associated Countries for an indication of financial commitments to the four upcoming partnerships. Most countries responded with a wide interest. All four upcoming Horizon Europe Cluster 6 partnerships will have a corresponding topic...

SAP – Looking to the future of livestock production

The SCAR Sustainable Animal Production Collaborative Working Group (SCAR SAP CWG) organised an expert workshop on the future of livestock production. Researchers from Wageningen University presented a comparative analysis of 20 national livestock strategies during the workshop. The workshop also included keynote speeches and breakout groups on...

AHW - A new secretariat for international research consortium “STAR-IDAZ”

The STAR-IDAZ International Research Consortium (IRC) on Animal Health includes four Regional Networks to facilitate regional coordination, with the AHW CWG operating as the European Network. The STAR-IDAZ now has a new secretariat: SIRCAH2. SIRCAH2 began on 1 October 2022 and will continue supporting STAR-IDAZ IRC for 4,5 years with...