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SCAR Forest and Forestry Research and Innovation (SCAR Forest)



SCAR FOREST work is managed and coordinated by a core group: 

  •     Taneli Kolström (chair, Finland)
  •     Nicolas Picard (France)
  •     Kallioppi Radoglou (Greece)
  •     Vera Steinberg (Germany)


Activities include

  • Support, develop and improve networking actions as well as research and innovation funding partnerships:
    • develop guidance notes for prospective COST proposal writers
    • enhance the participation of the forest-based sector in the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP)
    • follow up the ERA-Net Cofund ForestValue
    •  interact with groups promoting bioeconomy.

  • Contribute to define priorities for the next National and European framework programs for research and innovation:
    • include forestry issues in SCAR foresight exercises
    • promote public/public European partnerships.
  • Broaden the scope of international cooperation in relation to agricultural issues and global challenges
    • discuss the issues to step up Europe against deforestation in the Tropics.
  • Stay tuned to developments in public policies related to the forest-based sector to support them as needed.