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SCAR Food Systems (SCAR FS)

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Mission and aims




  • Monique Axelos


  • Minna Huttunen


December 2023 to December 2026


20 countries + EC and key advisors

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Overview members SCAR FS – update March 2022


Logo SCAR Food color Food not only supports human life and good health, but also currently has a large social, cultural, environmental and economic dimension. However, the food systems are facing global challenges such as population overgrowth, urbanisation, migration, climate change and resources scarcity. To tackle the effects of these complex social and ecological challenges, we need to innovate in our food systems, to adapt and to prepare them for the future.

In addition, Food systems should deliver food security and ensure nutrition security. Providing food and nutrition security (FNS) in the context of a changing world requires urgent political actions, a long-term approaching and civil society commitment.

The European R&I (research and innovation) policy plays a crucial role in future proofing food systems, and contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals priority for 2030.

In this sense, the main mission of SCAR FOOD SYSTEMS STRATEGIC WORKING GROUP (SCAR FS SWG) is to provide strategic advice and orientation, and to support the EU R&I policy framework FOOD2030 and its four priorities:

  •  NUTRITION for sustainable and healthy diets
  •  CLIMATE smart and environmentally sustainable food systems
  •  CIRCULARITY and resource efficient food systems
  •  INNOVATION and empowerment of communities.

For this purpose, SCAR FS SWG has set up 5 objectives:

  1. Monitoring food systems outcome in light of governance and future proofing
  2. Increasing diversity among food systems
  3. ‘Food Environment’ drivers and outcomes
  4. 0 waste from food systems
  5. Knowledge  management – education, dissemination, training, awareness

Besides, SCAR FS SWG work will contribute to ensure a policy coherence, to adopt a system approach and to avoid food systems fragmentation by analysing the different national and regional initiatives and programme funding. For this reason, the FOOD SYSTEMS SWG has conducted a quantitative and qualitative mapping of the Research & Innovation investment.

Please see the Mapping report: “Assessment of Research and Innovation on Food Systems by European Member States.”



France coordinates the SCAR FS SWG and the chair is Monique Axelos, Scientific Director for Food and Bioeconomy at INRAE, France 

The co-chair is Minna Huttunen, Ministerial Adviser for food policy at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland



2nd Mandate:

From December 2019 to December 2022

For further information, please see:

1st Mandate:

From December 2016 to December 2019 

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