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Joint SCAR Workshop: “Research needs and priorities for the transformation to Sustainable Food Systems at European and global Level”


Objective of the workshop

Relying on the advanced knowledge on international research and on food systems, the ARCH, Bioeconomy and Food Systems Strategic Working Groups (SWG) of SCAR is organizing an International Expert Consultation (workshop) on the issue of SFS. The aim is to identify major and priority research questions that shall be addressed in the short, medium and long terms and to support the delineation of urgently needed measures for successful policy development and implementation towards a Sustainable Global Food System. International cooperation should be considered while tackling the challenge of global interdependencies of food systems.

Concept Note - Joint Workshop SCAR 23 25January2024

Workshop outcomes:

  • List of priority research themes for international cooperation, highlighting scale and scope of actions, methodologies and actors required;
  • Creation of a better understanding of the skills, knowledge and evidence gaps currently holding back action to transform food systems at different scale, and consequently to kick start the list of priority research themes;
  • Fostering attention to the international aspects that are already included in the SRIA of the FutureFoodS partnership (in particular by contributing to WP 8)
  • Reflection (or Position) paper
  • List of actors and networks to be taken into account and contacted by the partnership.

Setting: Virtual meeting

Date and duration: 3 half days (morning sessions CET), 23 January – 25 January 2024

Participation: on invitation only (European and non-European researchers, regional and sub-regional research fora, as for example CIHEAM, PRIMA, UFM, CGIAR, FAO, FARA, ASARECA, CORAF, IICA, WFP, WHO and others organisations, SCAR ARCH, SCAR BSW and SCAR FS members, 40-50 participants max.)

Summary program:

  • Day 1 - keynotes, objectives of the workshop, introduction to group work;
  • Day 2 - group work, presentation of group results in plenary;
  • Day 3 – group work, presentation and panel discussion of results


For more information read the CONCEPT NOTE  - #RI4FoodSystemsEU




Gilles Feron

FutureFoodS-Sustainable Food Systems Partnership for People, Planet and Climate

Gilles Feron, ANR

Joachim von Braun


Research needs for sustainable food systems – concepts and priorities

Prof.  Joachim von Braun, University of Bonn

Irene Annor

Advances of the AU-EU FNSSA Partnership towards FoodSystems Transformation

Irene Annor-Frempong, FARA

Maximo Torero


Research gaps related to governance and policies in Agrifood systems transformation

Maximo Torero, FAO