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The SCAR Foresight Group hosts the workshop “Shaping the Future – steps to a New SCAR Foresight” on Wednesday 7 June, the afternoon before the SCAR Plenary.

Every three to five years, the SCAR Foresight Group starts a new Foresight Process. The Process consists of two parts: the dissemination of the results of the recent study on the one hand, and setting up a new study on the other hand. Both parts run in parallel. A new Foresight Process is currently being started and the support of the SCAR Working Groups is required and appreciated.

The workshop aims to inform the SCAR Working Groups about the next SCAR Foresight exercise. It will ensure that all SCAR WGs and their sectors will be adequately represented in the new Foresight process...

A new Task Force to identify protein transition challenges

The Protein Task Force is a new Working Group created under the SCAR umbrella. It aims to identify the major hurdles and opportunities to the protein transition and sovereignty in Europe from the R&I perspective. The working group formally began operating in September 2022 and currently brings together 30 members from 10 countries. The Task...

Four European Partnerships Are Ramping Up news item

Horizon Europe Partnerships drive green and digital transitions and are impact-driven by deploying a broad range of R&I activities.

They significantly contribute to building a stronger European Research Area (ERA), avoiding duplication of efforts, catalysing investments, and enhancing synergies between research and innovation programmes at EU...

AE news item

The SCAR Agroecology Strategic Working Group (SCAR AE SWG) finalised the draft of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the future European Partnership on Agroecology in February 2023 . It is the result of a co-creation process which started at the end of 2021 and was supported by the European Commission, Joint Programming...

SCAR AKIS SWG – A new generation at the helm

The SCAR Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems SWG (SCAR AKIS SWG) has renewed their mandate for a sixth time. Co-chairs Anikó Juhasz and Pascal Bergeret have passed on the torch to Ewa Grodzka and Jan van Esch, who will lead the Working Group for the next two years.

So far, the Working Group has had two meetings under its new mandate...

SCAR BSW SWG – A new mandate with a new focus

The SCAR Bioeconomy Strategic Working Group started its third mandate in January 2023. In the next two years, the group will focus on identifying R&I needs in three areas:

  1. Circular and bio-based value chains
  2. Ecosystem boundaries, security of supply and competing biomass uses
  3. Unveiling the demand side

The first order of business is a...

SCAR ARCH SWG - Working together for food security in Europe

SCAR ARCH SWG adopted its new mandate for 2023 and 2024 at the start of the year. It will focus on food security in Europe, which is facing important challenges due to the COVID pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. By strengthening linkages between European and international agricultural research, SCAR-ARCH aims to raise the scope of...

FISH news item

The SCAR FISH SWG is holding a Workshop on enabling mechanisms for science-industry partnerships.  The workshop aims to improve the flow of data on fisheries in order to carry out assessments of fishery resources. The organisation is a joint effort by the Working Group as well as external partners ICES (International Council for the...

SCAR FS SWG – An important milestone in the Sustainable Food Systems Partnership

At the end of January 2023, the draft Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the future Sustainable Food Systems Partnership (SFS Partnership) was finalised and delivered to the European Commission. This was an important milestone for the SFS Partnership development. The SRIA provides a framework for topics and activities for the...