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4-5 December 2017 in Tallinn / ESTONIA

TallinnThe SCAR Conference will focus on the representativeness of Member states and of bioeconomy areas in SCAR, with discussion on the impact of the recommendations so far and identification of points for attention for SCAR and CASA project.

The presentations and group discussions aim to increase knowledge of the objectives, activities and outcomes of SCAR and awareness of the opportunities and advantages of getting more involved.

The meeting aims to reach out in particular to those countries that are currently less engaged but where the national authorities are interested to raise their countries' profile in SCAR and to increase visibility and use of SCAR outcomes nationally.

The conference is key to share findings, e.g. on success factors, to exchange and consolidate approaches for addressing inclusiveness, shared responsibility, and ownership in various SCAR Groups, involvement between different ministries across different countries.

Recommendations will be drawn to increase participation of Member states in SCAR activities, to effectively cover the wider bio-economy through involvement of different ministries, mandated organisations, and expertise, and to increase take-up of outcomes of SCAR on national level.

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SCAR Conference videos:
- 4 December 2017
- 5 December 2017

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Since December 2016, SWG FOREST has a renewed mandate until June 2019 with the ambition to strengthen coordination of research and innovation to meet the challenges of forests adaptation and mitigation of climate change, and of increasing sustainability and competitiveness of the EU's forest-based sector, by sustainably providing biomass and products for a growing circular bioeconomy, and by provisioning important ecosystem services for societal wellbeing. 18 EU Member states currently participate in SCAR FOREST, and one of the objectives of the mandate is to increase participation of Eastern European countries.
Two SWG meetings will be held this year on 8 and 9 June in Helsinki and on 19 October in Barcelona. Current activities of the group concern mainly the development of 2 studies supported by CASA: (1) mapping, analysis and synthesis on forest bioeconomy research and innovation in Europe; and (2) assessment of transnational research cooperation and networking (forest-related ERA-NETs and COST FPS actions). 

On 10 March 2017, SCAR FOREST activities were presented to the Standing Forestry Committee (SFC) in Brussels and increased interactions are foreseen in the future between SCAR FOREST and SFC for the implementation of the Research and Innovation priority area of the EU Forest Strategy.

Several meetings were also held recently with COST office for the preparation of a joint event “COST Connect” in first semester 2018 on forests and forest sector resilience and role for global climate efforts post COP21.

Future activities in coming months will include intensification of collaboration with the Forest Technology Platform and with other SCAR Strategic Working Groups (e.g. Bioeconomy).


ŸJean-Michel Carnus (France),

ŸMartin Greimel (Austria),

ŸKarin Perhans (Sweden),
ŸKallioppi Radoglou (Greece)

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MAIN CONCLUSIONS  (Brussels, 31 March 2017)

The Commission informed about the planned adoption on the same day of an opinion from the Committee of Regions related to “The local and regional dimension of the bioeconomy and the role of cities and regions”.
SCAR is invited to contribute to the consultation on the importance of R&I in the CAP.
The Commission informed about the latest developments of the International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF). The Plenary will take place before the end of the year. The Commission intends to keep the IBF informal, but wants to ensure a proper representation of the Member states.
Bulgaria gave an outline of the international Food 2030 event that will take place in June 2018 in Plovdiv in the context of the Bulgarian Presidency.
Italy and Germany launched a call in order to enlarge the Foresight group. Recommendations from 3rd and 4th Foresight will be analysed by experts to feed into the bioeconomy strategy revision. First ideas for a 5th Foresight were presented. Further ideas will be collected during the next meeting of the Steering group to provide a draft for the Plenary in December. SWGs and CWGs are invited to collect ideas in their respective groups.
A task force will be identified among SCAR delegates to prepare the positions of the SCAR Steering group in the CASA Advisory Board.
The Commission gave the green light to host the SCAR website under