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Mission and aims







January 2025



26 countries + EC and key advisors

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Overview members SCAR BSW – update March 2023


Mission of the SCAR BSW

Increase the added value for and of the bioeconomy by:

  • Knowledge creation & sharing
  • Translating science to policy
  • Networking & collaboration 


Core activities 

Accelerating transition to the European bioeconomy is a key Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) target for the coming years. New RDI actions are needed to optimize nutrient cycles, to make resource-efficient use of biomass (improvements needed in particular in the case of underutilized side-streams), and to ensure transition from linear to circular bioeconomy, fully respecting the ecological and planetary boundaries.

The BSW aims tackle the RDI gaps of systemic and cross-cutting nature within the European bioeconomy. The following three focus areas have been identified in this respect:

  • Promoting further development of circular and bio-based value chains towards cross-sectoral value networks
  • Applying system approach in directing the development of the bioeconomy (ecological boundaries, competing use of biomass, replication and scaling-up strategy)
  • Empowering consumers for the transition to the circular bioeconomy (unveiling the demand-side, sustainable consumption)

Terms of Reference

Please check the Bioeconomy Strategic Working Group Terms of Reference for a more detailed insight to the organisation of the work and planned activities.  


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