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Kevin Heanue

Silvio Borrello


University Degree in Veterinary Medicine (1977) and specialist in inspection of food of animal origin, he is at the Ministry of Health since 1981, currently in charge as National CVO and General Director for Animal Health and Veterinary Pharmaceutical the Ministry of Health.

Graduated at the XIX Course on Institution and foreign affairs at the Higher school of International function in Rome.

Chair of the Working party on the official controls regulation during the Italian Presidency of the Council of European Union.

From 2006 to September 2014 he held the position of Director General of Food Hygiene, safety and nutrition where he managed many national and international emergencies of food safety: dioxin in poultry from Belgium (2002), hexachlorocyclohexane in the Valle del Sacco in Italy (2005), GMO in rice (2006), “Blue Mozzarella”(2010), dioxin in food of animal origin in Ireland (2008) and Germany (2010-11), Escherichia coli in fenugreek sprouts in Germany (2011) e HAV in frozen berries in Italy and other Countries (2013-2014).

He represented the Ministry of Health in many National Committees such as Animal protection in farms and slaughterhouses, feed additives, feed technical committee, Environment and radio protection, and in more than 260 meetings on veterinary public health and food safety at European level.

He is Emergency contact point for Italy within the WHO INFOSAN network, Contact point for food safety at OECD in 2004, National Counterpart on Food safety for WHO/EURO in 2005.