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  • Siegfried Harrer
  • Emmanuel Albina


January 2025


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Overview members SCAR AE – update March 2022


ARCH: European Agricultural Research towards greater impact on global CHallenges

Joint EIARD-SCAR Strategic Working Group


Brief Information

A Joint EIARD SCAR Strategic Working Group – ARCH - has been set up in order to improve linkages between Agricultural Research and Agricultural Research for Development aiming at identifying and working towards ways to increase the contribution of European Agricultural Research investments to the solution of global challenges.

Agricultural Research (AR) focusses on national needs within Europe whereas Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) is dedicated to collaboration with and in developing countries working towards the Millennium Development Goals. European Agricultural Research must now also focus on global challenges such as food security and climate change.

At national, European and at global level Agricultural Research and Agricultural Research for Development activities are fragmented and could benefit from better coordination. Cooperation between EIARD and SCAR through the Joint EIARD-SCAR Strategic Working Group will strengthen Europe’s position in solving global issues that are the common interest and commitment of Europe and the global community.

In order to further strengthen mechanisms for focusing on global issues, AR and ARD will improve policy dialogue as well as coordination mechanisms at European, national and institutional levels. This includes more joint funding and the chance of a better alignment of national and international research. Harmonisation of AR and ARD will be mutually beneficial.

Activities focus on improving linkages between Agricultural Research and Agricultural Research for Development and include:

  • Development of Mutual Learning Processes for improving knowledge exchange between AR and ARD targeting research funders, programme managers, policy makers and decision makers;
  • Improving coordination between countries leading to more synergy;
  • Improving efficiency of use of research funding through collaboration between European National funders and at European Commission level.

The Joint EIARD SCAR Strategic Working Group - ARCH - comprises representatives from both EIARD and SCAR who are committed and willing to invest time in the activities of the SWG. In the initial phase the group is led by Co-chairs from Netherlands and Germany appointed during the first meeting held in Brussels in September 2013. The position of Co-chair will be reviewed annually.

The European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD) is a permanent informal ARD policy coordination platform between the European Commission, Member States of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.



Mission of the SCAR ARCH:

  • Improve linkages between European and international agricultural research.



  • Expanding the scope of European research to the global level in areas where global interdependences such as food systems, climate change and diseases are imminent.
  • Increasing research impact on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Improving the efficient use of research funding.


Planned activities:

  • Publish a policy brief “Imported Deforestation” in collaboration with SWG Forest (June 2022).