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SCAR SWG AKIS 4 9th Meeting in WARSAW
From Tuesday 26 June 2018
To Wednesday 27 June 2018

1. Improve the integrated approach within the European AKIS and the Implementation of the EIP

  • Presentation and interaction on the study on synergies among EU funds

2. Monitoring interactive innovation policies and benchmarking for sustainability

  • Presentation of the SCAR AKIS, ARCH, FOOD SYSTEMS draft policy brief on Research Impact

3. Further development of the EIP approach

  • CAP post 2020 update based on the CAP post 2020 legislation
  • Presentations of practical example(s) of Erasmus+ projects supporting knowledge flows within the AKIS:
    • ARID
    • SKIFF
    • Escola de Mansera
  • CASA study on communication
    • Best practices of communication/dissemination experiences across EU AKISs
    • Exchanges around best practices in communication and reflections on the CASA study

Other topics of interest:

  • The SCAR-AKIS Final Report
  • The fifth AKIS mandate

See the meeting REPORT

Location Poland - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 30, Wspólna Str. - Warsaw