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Webinar "Emerging Food Safety Issues and Food Security: Versatile Approaches"

webinar food safetyWe are delighted to extend an invitation to join us for the webinar "Emerging Food Safety Issues and Food Security: Versatile Approaches", the second in the webinar series of the EU-funded project RefreSCAR, which will tackle different emerging food safety issues caused by climate instability and food production practices as well as innovative approaches aimed at enhancing food safety. 

The webinar feature four panel experts in the field:

comunication Victor Alchanatis, D.Sc., Research Scientist at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Volcani Centre

comunication Maria-Eleni Dimitrakopolou, PhD, Research Project Manager at Agroknow

comunication Dr. Bert Popping, Chief Executive Officer at FOCOS and founding partner at FOOD-ORBIT

comunication Avi Sadka, PhD, Professor of Plant Sciences, Volcani Institute


You can watch the WEBINAR here:


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