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Laying the groundwork for a European Partnership on agroecology

European Partnership on agroecologyEuropean agriculture is facing big challenges. to make the agricultural sector more sustainable, resilient, and responsive to societal and policy demands. Under Horizon Europe, a research partnership is planned to address just that through agroecology.

The SCAR Working Group on Agroecology (SCAR AE SWG) was created in January 2021 and brings together 27 Member States and Associated Countries and several other stakeholders. The Working Group is the co-creation platform for the future partnership. In March 2022, the SCAR AE SWG delivered the partnership’s dossier describing the framework of this partnership. The Group is currently working on the development of the partnership’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), which will set the research and innovation areas to be addressed and implemented by the partnership. Several workshops will be organised to support this process, the first was held online on 29 April. All information on this workshop (including presentations) can be found at the event webpage. The final draft of the SRIA is expected to be ready by the end of 2022.

 The partnership will catalyse research efforts in agroecology. It shall make use of living labs, spaces of real-life testing and co-creation, and of research infrastructures. It will provide tools, resources and services for farmers and the research community at large to accelerate the agroecology transition.