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Candidate European Partnerships

European Partnerships under Horizon Europe

European Partnerships under Horizon Europe are initiatives the bringing together EU and a wide range of public and/or private partners. Partners jointly support developing and implementing a common agenda for research and innovation activities. The partnership will coordinate, align, and leverage European and national R&I efforts.

An overview of European Partnerships in food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment can be found here. The SCAR is a key platform for co-creating four candidate partnerships in Cluster 6. The upcoming SCAR newsletters will explore these Partnerships further. Go to the European Partnership overview.

European Partnership for sustainable food systems for people, planet and climate

The goal of the partnership is twofold. Firstly, the partnership is meant to ensure future-proof food systems through an integrated and transdisciplinary systems approach. It will also provide solutions to the Farm to Fork Strategy. The partnership will provide the scientific evidence, as well as the collaborative experience among professionals and citizens, to support the transformation of local, national, European, and global food systems. Download the proposal

European Partnership accelerating farming systems transition: agroecology living labs and research infrastructures

This partnership will tap into the potential of agroecology and local innovation. The goal is to accelerate the transition towards sustainable, climate- and ecosystem-friendly farming systems in Europe. The partnership will structure and support a network of agroecology living labs and research infrastructures. It will provide spaces for long-term, site-specific, multi-stakeholder and real-life experimentation, and will also deliver ready-to adopt practices that support farmers in understanding and implementing agroecological practices for positive economic, environmental, and social impacts. Download the proposal

European Partnership for Animal Health and Welfare

The European Partnership for Animal Health and Welfare aims to deliver key knowledge, services, tools and products to improve the monitoring and control of animal infectious diseases and animal welfare in a coordinated way. It will strengthen the preparedness of all actors and stakeholders, and support evidence- based intervention and policy making. This will sustain animal production and protect public health, and will reinforce the One Health-One Welfare principles through enhanced cross-sector collaboration. It will involve reference laboratories, research performing organisations, funding agencies, and cooperate with the private sector and other stakeholders. Download the proposal

European Partnership for agriculture of data

This partnership will support sustainable agriculture in the EU, policy monitoring and policy implementation by using digital and data technologies in environmental observation.

The partnership will generate EU-wide data sets and information through combining geospatial and Earth Observation datasets. The goal is to provide solutions to the agricultural sector allowing for more efficient, environmentally friendly, and profitable production. Download the proposal