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Alex Percy-Smith

Alex Percy-Smith

(M.Sc Agric.)


Has worked for over 30 years in the Danish agricultural research system including being employed first as a research scientist for some 15 years and then being in charge of an International Unit at the Aarhus University for over 16 years working especially with collaboration with African and Chinese institutions. In addition, he has carried out numerous short-term consultancies including reviews and evaluations both whilst being employed at the university and later as an independent consultant.

Alex Percy-Smith is well-known in the Agricultural Research for Development field and has experience from long and short-term consultancies covering many international assignments in Africa, China, Latin America, Eastern Europe and, of course, Europe. A number of assignments have involved working with global issues such as Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Smart agricultural production.

He understands the academic imperatives of research from his employment in research and education at Aarhus University, Denmark and was committed to all stages of dissemination – scientific and popular as well as both written and oral.

He has experience from a broad range of assignments for clients from both the public and private sectors as well as national, regional and international organisations. In addition, he has a good knowledge of various European Commission instruments including the Development Cooperation Instrument covering the Food Security Thematic Programme and ERA Nets and also the various framework programmes including Horizon 2020.

He has experience from ERA Nets and helped design and developed the Joint EIARD SCAR Strategic Working Group – ARCH - European Agricultural Research towards greater impact on Global Challenges. Since its initiation he has provided coordination and facilitation services for the SWG ARCH as well as contributing to the writing of policy briefs with the group.

He has provided support to collaboration processes – brokerage and facilitation - including bringing partners together to build project partnerships and facilitation of workshops and the like in pursuit of specific outcomes by understanding and skilled management of the collaboration process. He has acquired extensive experience from organising project workshops and international conferences as well as facilitating processes at workshops and conferences ensuring participants are heard and encouraged to contribute actively to the process.

Alex Percy-Smith was born and brought up in England. So with English as his mother tongue, he is completely fluent in written and oral English.