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Rolf Stratmann

Rolf Stratmann


Started working for JUELICH in November 2006, where he is acting as National Contact Point for the Life Sciences. He studied Biology at the Ruprechts-Karl-University Heidelberg and received a PhD in Biology.

From 2012 to 2015 he was member of a Taskforce on Food related topics which was established by the BMBF, Department 617 Bioeconomy.

Activities comprised analyzing research activities on national and European level (7th European Framework Programme, Horizon 2020), writing policy briefings and supporting the development of national and European funding activities.

He is nominated national expert for the Standing Committee of Agricultural Research and participated in many Working Group meetings of this Committee.

He was also nominated expert for the European Knowledge Based Bioeconomy Network (KBBE-NET), which was closed by the European Commission in 2011.