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Mission and aims

Agroecology (SCAR-AE) will offer a platform for continuous strategic discussion between the MS/AC and the EC. SCAR-AE will, in particular, centralise and integrate the efforts for the process of preparing a candidate partnership (the “Partnership”) related to AE LLs and RIs proposed under Horizon Europe (HE) (provisional title ‘’Accelerating farming systems transition: agroecology living labs and research infrastructures’’). As a first target, SCAR-AE will write the “Partnership proposal” , which will be the basis of the Partnership call that will be included in the Work Programme 2023-2024.

The SCAR Strategic Working Group (SWG) on Agroecology (SCAR-AE) aims at supporting research policy development for Agroecology (AE) at national, EU and international levels, and fostering debate and providing conceptual, methodological and practical frameworks on AE, AE Living Labs (LLs) and corresponding Research Infrastructures (RIs). 

SCAR is considered as a suitable platform for Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) to share views, create common visions together with the European Commission (EC) with a unified voice on agricultural, food and bioeconomy R&I matters. To ensure these aims, it favours the alignment of activities from the relevant entities by gathering and analysing their potential inputs and providing advice to promote synergies and avoid duplication. 

SCAR-AE reinforces SCAR’s advisory role for MS, AC, and the EC by catalysing a common and inclusive debate on AE and AE LL-related Research and Innovation (R&I) needs.