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4-5 December 2017 in Tallinn / ESTONIA

tallinn2The SCAR Conference will focus on the representativeness of Member states and of bioeconomy areas in SCAR, with discussion on the impact of the recommendations so far and identification of points for attention for SCAR and CASA project.

The presentations and group discussions aim to increase knowledge of the objectives, activities and outcomes of SCAR and awareness of the opportunities and advantages of getting more involved.

The meeting aims to reach out in particular to those countries that are currently less engaged but where the national authorities are interested to raise their countries' profile in SCAR and to increase visibility and use of SCAR outcomes nationally.

The conference is key to share findings, e.g. on success factors, to exchange and consolidate approaches for addressing inclusiveness, shared responsibility, and ownership in various SCAR Groups, involvement between different ministries across different countries.

Recommendations will be drawn to increase participation of Member states in SCAR activities, to effectively cover the wider bio-economy through involvement of different ministries, mandated organisations, and expertise, and to increase take-up of outcomes of SCAR on national level.

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