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Thursday 10 November 2022
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SRIA - Workshop summary


The main conclusions of the breakout sessions of the SRIA Workshop can be summarized as follows:

  • The broad areas of work appear to be of interest to both beneficiaries and stakeholders, but their definitions in relation to the EUP AH&W should be specified (i.e. there is a need for ‘work definitions’), certainly for One Health, Big data and Social sciences. Some other broad areas of works have been proposed and discussed during the workshop.
  • A better balance between animal Health and animal welfare will be needed in the final SRIA document.
  • The categorization of research and other needs proved difficult for the attendees, despite the proposed glossary. It is up to the consortium to decide which activity will be set up for each of the needs.
    • The consortium must better define what external and internal research calls, and reference, integrative and joint activities are.
    • The categorization also depends on which organizations will take part in the EUP AH&W as beneficiary (which is currently not 100% known).
    • The ‘needs’ should be better defined, i.e. broad enough to serve as basis for the domain and topics of calls (and other activities), but precise enough to avoid misunderstandings.
    • For certain needs it might be interesting to be able to switch from joint actions to internal calls and externals calls (or vice versa) throughout the total term of the EUP AH&W.
    • Certain types of activity are not exclusive and there can be a continuum for different research and other needs.
  • The exercise in the breakout session on the expected outcomes and their feasibility and strategic importance confirmed that stakeholders largely support these. On the other hand, the expected outcomes may have been perceived as very broad and therefore difficult to disagree with.
  • The Yes/No and open questions showed support for the EUP AH&W and SRIA.

A full workshop report is under preparation and will be publicly available on the SCAR website (by the beginning of December).


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Workshop Thematic Support Team | 10 November 2022



Thematic Support Team

  • Constantin Cerbu
  • Cristian Coroian
  • Alina Rusu

Management Support Team

  • Véronique Rebholtz
  • Margarida Ambar

Communication Support Team

  • Ina Van Hoye
  • Mathias Van Cauwenberghe