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The scope and role of the "new" SCAR

The Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) was established in 1974. Since it was re-launched in 2005, SCAR has grown to become a respected source of advice on European agricultural and wider bioeconomy research, along with being a major catalyst for the coordination of national research programmes, where it has helped shape the beginnings of an integrated European Research Area. The Committee plays an important role in coupling research and innovation and in removing barriers to innovation, and aims to make it easier for public-public and public-private sectors to work together in delivering innovation that tackles the challenges faced in the bioeconomy area.

SCAR currently represents 37 different countries, the members being ministries (or other organisations such as research councils) from all EU Member States, with Candidate and Associated Countries as observers.

Established through a Regulation of the Council of the EU on the coordination of agricultural research the Committee adopted its own rules of procedure in line with those adopted by the Commission on 31 January 2001 and in accordance with Council Decision 1999/468/EC. The Committee was given a revised mandate in 2005 by the Council, reflecting the significant changes to the agricultural research agenda over the years, and requested to advise the Commission and the Member States on the coordination of agricultural research in Europe.