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Mission and aims


The overall objective of CASA is a consolidated common agricultural and wider bioeconomy research agenda within the European Research Area. The common research agenda will be jointly shared by Member States of the European Union and Associated Countries. It will improve the alignment and interoperability of the respective national research programme(s). This will be achieved through enhanced cooperation, coordination and information exchange between the Member States, Associated Countries and the European Commission. This includes increasing the opportunities for Member States and Associated Countries to engage in the aforementioned activities. The conduit for this will be the Standing Committee of Agricultural Research (SCAR) and the various SCAR working groups, through which all Member States and Associated Countries are brought together with a view to fostering cooperation, coordination and information exchange, as well as streamlining research policy, in the Bioeconomy and closely related fields. The overarching aim of CASA will be achieved through the accomplishment of the following four specific objectives:

  •  Increased and broadened participation, interaction and collaboration of Member States and Associated Countries;
  •  Improved quality of outputs and outcomes of the Standing Committee of Agricultural Research creating added value for greater impact;
  •  Strengthening the production of more strategic policy advice by the Standing Committee of Agricultural Research based on the increased, deepened and broadened participation facilitated by CASA;
  • Improve overall organization, communication and dissemination of SCAR activities, outputs and outcomes for greater impact.
  This Coordination and Support Action is funded through Horizon 2020, Societal Challenge Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy.
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