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Marina Bagni

Marina Bagni

(Veterinary Officer)


University Degree in Veterinary Medicine (1993), 3 years PhD in Obstetrics and Immunology, post doc period at Kimron Veterinary Institute in Israel; yearly Specialization in Zooprophylaxis, with almost 10 years of experience in research activity on evaluation of well-being and welfare in cultured species, such as fish and bovine.

Years experience in research programs on public health in developing countries focused on the control of quality and safety of food coming from animals and animal health management (Bolivia, March-April 1994; Ethiopia, April 1995; Ghana, March 1998; Lebanon, May 2001.)

Since 2004 she is in charge at Office II - General Secretariat (ex DSVET), Ministry of Health- dealing with the coordination of research activities of the IZSs network; the promotion of European research.

She has been work package leader in all the ERAnet on animal health in which Ministry of health is partner (EMIDA, ANIHWA, STARIDAZ) and in several other tools of European research coordination (such as SCAR CWGs; JPI) contributing to the setting up of the SRAs in most of such EU actions.

She will contribute to the WP3 activities.